About Myodesign Strength and Wellness

Colin A. Campbell

I am a Strength and Wellness Coach.

You could say I have designed my life around this vocation.  Candidly, there is no distinction between my life and my work.

Having had the opportunity to attend two of North America’s top universities, Harvard University and the University of Toronto, I draw from a diverse background in psychology, philosophy, physiology, biochemistry, art history as well as a deep interest in the nutritional sciences.  My approach to program design and performance coaching can best be described as broad, inclusive and integrative.  A tireless student, I am active in researching, exploring, and refining my approach to coaching, nutrition, strength and conditioning.

My respect for tradition, scientific enquiry, and continuity of thought, is always present as I combine evidence-based strength and conditioning practices, comprehensive nutritional guidance and a modern approach to supplementation.  This integrative approach to wellness, program design, and performance coaching also includes interests in Western and Eastern philosophical practices, Russian and Eastern-Bloc sport sciences, as well as evolutionary and ancestral considerations.

My professional career spans twenty years and three different countries.  I have had the privilege to oversee the coaching and training of private clients, actors, athletes, and performance artists, from all walks of life.

I am the Director and Head Coach of Myodesign Integrative Consulting.  I can be contacted directly here.

You may also follow me on Twitter here.

About this Site

This site acts as both the web-home of Myodesign Integrative Consulting as well as a chronicle of my thoughts and experiences from working with private clients for well over a decade now.  I will strive to examine and comment on many aspects of human health and well-being while keeping the focus on the subject of mind-body interactions, nutrition, strength and conditioning.  I hope you find the ideas contained herein both instructive and thought-provoking.

Privacy Policy

Myodesign Consulting and its director, Colin A. Campbell, take privacy very seriously. Myodesign Consulting will ensure that any personal information provided by us to any third party will be treated to a level of protection comparable to our Privacy Policy. Information collected is used in order to provide you with information, services (web-based coaching and consulting, client notifications and the like), special offers and educational material (which may include product and service material, service reminders and the like). We endeavor to build life-long relationships with our clients and therefore may retain any personal information you provide, unless otherwise instructed.

Myodesign Consulting will keep all personal information confidential. If you would like to access your personal information, request that personal information be corrected or you no longer wish to receive correspondence, please contact Myodesign Consulting via e-mail.