Private Coaching and Consulting Services

We are currently engaged in overseeing the coaching and training of Private Clients through Myodesign Integrative Consulting.

Our client base is largely composed of Entrepreneurs, Executives, Actors, Performance Artists, and Athletes.

We seek to improve all facets of our clients’ strength, conditioning and wellness.  The physical goals are almost always to create the leanest, most balanced and capable body possible.  We achieve this through a combination of private and semi-private training, consulting, on-site visits, and web-based coaching.

All programs are customized for each client’s needs and based on consultation and thorough assessments.

We offer Seven Core Services from our Head Quarters:

  • The 12-Month MyoMax Body Transformation Coaching Program
  • Bespoke, VIP Strength and Wellness Coaching
  • Private - In Studio - Strength and Conditioning Training
  • Complete BioSignature Assessments
  • Customized Nutrition and Nutraceutical Protocols*
  • Optimal Wellness Coaching including:
    • Optimal Lifestyle Design
    • Personalized Organic Food Delivery
    • Wellness-Focused Home Consulting
    • Optimized Sleep Environments
  • Professional Training Centre (Fitness Facility) Design for your:
    • Private Residence
    • Private and Corporate Office
    • Luxury Condominium Development

*All nutraceuticals sold through Myodesign Strength and Wellness Consulting are Professional-Grade and only sold through licensed practitioners.  All nutraceuticals exceed the highest testing and standards-specifications including the following:

All Customized Training Programs are:

  • Client-centered and Assessment Dependent
  • Goal Oriented and Results-Driven
  • Developed around a 4-Week Microcycle of Training

The Web-Based Coaching Program

We currently take on a limited number of Web-Based Coaching Clients, and for that reason, the service is not sold directly through the web site at present.  We are always interested in working with those committed to change and possessed of a deep desire to learn.

If we think your candidacy suits our program (motivated, coachable and open to change), you will be contacted directly by a member of our Coaching Team. In the event it is determined that an applicant may not be well suited for or benefit from our program, we will recommend other resources when and where appropriate.

That said, if you’re ready to embrace change, follow the directives and work harder than you’ve ever worked, contact us and we will do everything possible to get you the results you want.

The Individual Coaching Program includes the following components: Initial Assessment, Program Design, Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching, Four weeks of Web-Based Support and Bi-Weekly Progress Assessments with Digital or Video analysis.

Private Training Facility

Our very Private Training Facility, where we train and coach our clientele, is located in the lower-east side of the city of Toronto.  We operate strictly by appointment only and offer a completely focused, expertly equipped environment for uninterrupted, results-based, high-level training.

Fully equipped with World Class Equipment, including:

  • Atlantis Power Rack and Functional Trainer
  • Specialised Atlantis Strength Pieces
  • Eleiko Barbells
  • Ivanko Barbells
  • Watson Specialized Barbells and Custom Pro Dumbbells
  • Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp
  • UltraSlide Slide Board
  • Many other Training Tools

We Support and Develop Actors and Performance Artists

Armstrong Studio

We work in partnership with numerous Acting Studios and Casting Agencies in Toronto.  We specialize in rapid body transformation, and role preparation for the actor, model and performance artist.  Complete strength, conditioning and nutrition coaching.  Make Myodesign Strength and Wellness and Coach Campbell your exclusive service providers for Strength, Conditioning and Body Transformation Coaching.

The Armstrong Studio

Optimal health and wellness by design. 

If you are interested in acquiring our services, please contact us.